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There are other interesting or amazing errors in the catalogues. The Portugese catalogue states that the madder on the Fire engine is from Magirus. The Swiss catalogue on page 16 states that the Forward control lorry ref. On the Dutch catalogue, a suffix Z has been added to some only of the French Dinky. In the catalogue printed in the U. On the French catalogue, the drawing of the car carrier is wrong: The US catalogue states that the trailer of the is a landing platform! I doubt that the NASA has succeeded such an accurate landing yet. The catalogues were printed twice.

Wright writes…..

It began in when the British Transport Commission BTC announced the Modernisation Programme which outlined the BTC’s plan to replace old-fashioned steam power with modern diesel and electric traction. How many remember the book’s heady aroma of freshly printed ink? Ian Allan should’ve bottled it; they’d have made a fortune! Worse still, when it came to underlining the new diesels I had ‘copped’ on visits to Swindon, Derby and Crewe Works, they didn’t enter the equation because Ian Allan had published the new combined edition before the diesels were built.

Call it a dereliction of duty, if you like, but the discrepancies creeping into the hobby were totally at odds with the orderliness that spotters expected, and I ended up joining the legion of disenchanted youngsters who turned their attention to something more rewarding like railway photography – a natural adjunct to train spotting.

So, combining both interests from old spotting days, the purpose of this page is to list as many different steam locomotive classes numbered from to which were listed in Ian Allan’s abc Locospotters Book covering the London Midland Region in

Page 15 of – Wright writes.. – posted in Modelling musings & miscellany: Yes, its a very pretty tanker. Is it a complete kit – everything in the box so a novice bodger like me could have a go – or does it require extra bits from arcane suppliers?

Here yesterday, gone today. Came across a copy of David Jenkinson’s The Times always thought that young Michael must be a Grauniad type for 12 May wherein young Michael amazed at improved Manchester to Brighton service via Kensington Olympia and improvements to railway catering. Away from the railway feature he was surprised at how cheaply a Professor of Philosophy could be hired then and an advertisement from the Wallop School which brings out the very worst of Master Blakemore.

Colour feature based upon publicity material produced by the Great Western Railway which combines elegant text with wonderful reproductions of contemporary colour material mainly from the s: The linking text notes that the publicity material is built around the Taunton to Minehead branch and is divided into three sections: East Anglian Class 47s. The class 47 had originally arrived in East Snglia on freight workings in but were soon allocated to the Norwich to London expresses.

D two tone green and very clean at Manningtree on train for Norwich on 17 August ; 47 Cyclops blue on Parkeston to Morris Cowley car train on 19 May ; 47 dirty rail blue on Whitemoor to Parkeston freight on 14 May Part 1 began on page

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History[ edit ] The name for O gauge and O scale is derived from “0 [zero] gauge” or “Gauge 0” being smaller than Gauge 1 and the other then-existing standards. It was created in part because manufacturers realized their best selling trains were those built in the smaller scales. In the United States, manufacturers such as the Ives Manufacturing Company , American Flyer , and Lionel Corporation used O gauge for their budget line, marketing either Gauge 1 or ‘Wide gauge’ also known as ‘standard gauge’ as their premium trains.

A Brief History of Gauge 3 Gauge 3 in the ss Gauge 3 represents the 4′” standard gauge trains of the real world in scale with a model track gauge of ” (mm) between the rails; and from this perspective, as a scale-and-gauge combination, it is spot on.

Born 15 May ; died 19 Apr at age His studies of radioactive substances were made together with his wife, Marie Curie, whom he married in They were achieved under conditions of much hardship – barely adequate laboratory facilities and under the stress of having to do much teaching in order to earn their livelihood. Together, they discovered radium and polonium in their investigation of radioactivity by fractionation of pitchblende announced in Later they did much to elucidate the properties of radium and its transformation products.

Their work in this era formed the basis for much of the subsequent research in nuclear physics and chemistry. Fleming Born 15 May ; died 21 May at age Edward Pickering, director of the Harvard Observatory first employed Fleming as a maid, but in hired her to do clerical work and some mathematical calculations at the Observatory. She further proved capable of doing science. After devising her system of classifying stars by their spectra, she cataloged over 10, stars within the next nine years.


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The author’s definition extends to the unrebuilt locomotives, plus the solitary British Legion. The approach is that of the model maker who was constructing three 7mm models two unrebuilt locomotives at different stages in their existence plus No. There is comment on the errors which have been detected in many of the drawings diagrams available to model makers. The illustrations and diagrams have been gathered to show the detail differences and changes wrought on the locomotives: Although ultimately concerned with such non-prototype features as fiddle yards although how the bizarre prototype fiasco would love to be able to employ such features this does feature many useful prototype features: With colour photographs of then extant fittings and furnishings by Peter Bishop.

Includes black amp; white photographs of vehicle in its original state and as converted to a holiday home in Air Ministry tank wagons. Vehicle had been constructed at Doncaster in The vehicle had originally been painted in red oxide.

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Clearly they saw little use as they were discontinued in design, blanked off and sealed and later engineered out. I have a number of questions some of which may have been covered before for which I apologise What was the original need? I assume tandem working before all the clear up and standardising of coupling codes, but steam locos had to work tandem as opposed to mu and the was no need for the connection – the only steam corridors were the LNER ones and were carriage size – so was it a Union requirement, steam heat requirement, early distrust of new machines, assumption?

When did they get taken out of service? The intro dates of non-gangway loco designs indicates by when the design requirements were changed, but how quickly and why was the decision made they were unnecessary?

Introduction: Welcome to The Goods Yard, Model Railway Shop and specialists in the supply of ready built model railways, from basic train sets to complete layouts.

This is a superb little industrial tank locomotive with outside cylinders roughly based on the Hudswell -Clarke types rthat were often found in British power stations, gas works and Coking plants throughought the s period. This Tank No 38 Ajax in lined out black is a super model and runs very well. A great addition for any modellers with an industrial layout. This is a special release through Golden Valley Hobbies and is not on general sale. These are made under liscence by Hornby in Europe.

This example is in very good condition with no marks or rubs. All the steps are intact and it runs very well. This delightful little train pack was originally part of a train set that the previous owner has re housed in this attractive sleeve. All fitted with metal wheels. The loco is clean and tidy and looks like new. The model runs very well , nice smooth and quiet and also has fire box glow and a smoke unit fitted. The model was produced in and is one of the last tender drive models made at Margate.

This is a little beauty and under test runs as sweet as a nut.

What is OO gauge minimum radius?

December 1st, Williamsport, IN: This sale will start at the normal time of 10 AM Eastern, and will be available to view live on StoutAuctions. This sale will be a majority HO, but will we also mix in some O gauge, and O scale brass trains. The HO trains in this sale will consist of both European and American trains. Also included for the toy collector in this sale will be a few wonderful lots of Wiking vehicles, many vintages and still in original boxes.

Born 15 May ; died 8 Jun at age German-born Peruvian mathematician and archaeologist who was the self-appointed keeper of the Nazca Lines, a series of desert ground drawings over 1, years old, near Nazcain in southern Peru. For 50 years the “Lady of the Lines” studied and protected these etchings of animals and geometric patterns in 60 km (35 mi) of desert.

We have covered the North-Eastern arm of Crossrail on various occasions. The most recent of these was to look at the Crossrail launch plan. The western section out to Reading has its own issues and, of course, there was the official decision to extend Crossrail to Reading. What often gets overlooked, however, is the three short surface sections on the branch to Abbey Wood. This article attempts to do something to rectify this by looking at the two surface stations that are being built on this branch.

Not just a new underground railway The perception of Crossrail is generally of a new underground railway across London connecting existing lines outside the central area to form a cross London railway. This is largely true and accurate but two of the surface sections on the Abbey Wood branch provide a contrast to this with one completely new station and one completely rebuilt station including new additional platforms. As a result, there is considerable Crossrail station construction activity here and, of course, because it is on the surface, it can actually be easily seen.

This is the only completely new surface station on Crossrail. Entrance to station showing ticket gates and Excel on the right It is very logical to have Custom House station on the surface. Firstly, the land was available as the North Woolwich end of the North London Line had closed a few years earlier — the area now being served by new nearby DLR services. Thirdly, Crossrail utilises the existing but disused Connaught Tunnel under the Royal Docks and it is easier to link into this on the surface than attempt a sub-surface connection.

Fourthly, and no doubt crucially, it is generally hundreds of millions of pounds cheaper to build on the surface than to do so underground.

The Guide to HO Steam Locomotives

You list a few things that are essential to building a large layout, those being considerable skill, cash and time. The important part of your statement is that you are going to need these things while i suggest people will need to acquire some of them. A subtle difference for sure but when you advise people they need something its far to easy for them to say ‘i don’t have that’ and use it as an excuse for not even trying.

Skill is something none of us have when we start out, we may show a different level in how easily we acquire new skills but they are things than need to be learnt all the same.

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After the first series was televised in , ERTL soon released a die-cast model replica of Thomas that featured a decal sticker sheet. Soon afterwards, the Thomas model was released in a 3-piece set with Henry and James, although they featured no alternate faces. Also released in this year was a larger, motorised version of Thomas. There were no longer any decal sheets included, and Thomas, Henry and James were all given red buffer beams to replace the older white ones.

ERTL now further diversified their product line, by adding larger die-cast, motorised, models of Percy, as well as two large plastic models of Thomas, one that was a moneybox, and the other that was remote controlled. In , two more models were added to the collection, Edward and Gordon. But ERTL was now facing demands from the general public to produce more characters.

This year also marked the end of the sticker-faced engines.

Why do men love model railways?

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Comment icon Virgin will face competition on the east coast mainline Credit: First Group has been granted an open access licence to operate limited trains alongside incumbent operator Virgin East Coast. This is the first time that the regulator has allowed head-to-head competition on the same line. But the deal is fraught with uncertainties. To compensate, track access charges — paid to Network Rail — are much lower for open access operators than for franchised operators. The government is currently reviewing this concession to open access operators, potentially undermining the business case.

The new operator will only be able to offer limited services to and from Edinburgh Credit: On the one hand, open access allows new markets to be opened up — Grand Central currently links London with Bradford and Sunderland; and Hull Trains connects its namesake to the capital. On the other hand, where they overlap they compete for revenue, such is the case at York and Doncaster.

As the Government tries to extract as much premium payment as it can from Virgin, the scales between profitability and loss are finely balanced. The Department for Transport has been doggedly wedded to the belief that an exclusive franchise is the only way of delivering value to both taxpayer and passenger. But this view is over simplistic and relies on the basic — and incorrect — assumption that all rail routes rely on the same commercial model.

Unboxing My Wrenn Locomotive Collection – To Date! Hornby Triang Wrenn.